Precision Tooling

Precision Tooling

Creative tooling and molding solutions through integrity and experience

Racer Tooling has a full-service tool room on site and we have developed a reputation as a quality provider of new molds at prices that stand up well when compared with overseas. While we build most of our molds in-house, we also have relationships with domestic and overseas supplier which we utilize when circumstances require. We will fully guarantee all molds that we built in-house and domestically.

We can produce single & multi-cavity molds, over molds, insert molds, and as well as rotary-table mold. We have extensive machining capabilities that allow us to produce precision tooling from P-20 tool steel, to hardened steel, depending on the part production volume and application. This inclusive of:

  •   HAAS VMC – 1372*660*635
  •   HAAS VMC – 914*457*508
  •   Cosmos VMC – 800*500*500
  •   EDM - 2nos
  •   Wire Cutting - 1no
  •   All type of Conventional Machine

Our mold expertise includes :

  •   Hot Runner mold
  •   Unscrewing mold
  •   2K mold
  •   Family mold
  •   Insert mold

DFM Support